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The Ultimate Guide to Looe’s Sandy Beaches: Family-Friendly and Hidden Gems

Nestled along Cornwall's southeastern coast, Looe is renowned for its stunning sandy beaches. Whether you're looking for family-friendly spots or secluded stretches of sand, Looe offers a beach for every preference. Here's your ultimate guide to some of Looe's best sandy shores.  

East Looe Beach

Located right in the heart of the town, East Looe Beach is the perfect family-friendly destination. With its soft sands, gentle waves, and proximity to amenities, it's a favourite among both locals and tourists. The beach's lifeguard presence during the summer ensures safe swimming conditions for all.  

Hannafore Beach

Situated in West Looe, Hannafore Beach offers expansive views of Looe Island. While it's primarily rocky, at low tide, sandy stretches emerge, making it ideal for sunbathing and picnics. The numerous rock pools teeming with marine life provide endless entertainment for curious kids.  

Millendreath Beach

A short drive from Looe lies the tranquil Millendreath Beach. This south-facing beach, with its calm waters, is excellent for paddleboarding and kayaking. The nearby beach cafe ensures you're never too far from refreshments.  

Plaidy Beach

For those keen on escaping the crowds, Plaidy Beach is a hidden gem. Located just east of Looe, this quiet beach, surrounded by cliffs, offers a sense of seclusion. Its calm waters and sandy stretches make it a peaceful spot for relaxation.  

Talland Bay

Halfway between Looe and Polperro, you'll find the picturesque Talland Bay. Comprising two beaches, Talland Sand and Rotterdam Beach, the bay is perfect for families. With ample facilities, including cafes and beach huts, and the presence of rock pools, it promises a day of fun and exploration.  

Tips for Beachgoers

Safety First: Always check for lifeguard services if you plan to swim. Heed their flags and warnings.   Tidal Times: Some beaches expand or shrink with the tide. Check tidal times before your visit to make the most of the sandy stretches.   Leave No Trace: Help keep Looe's beaches pristine. Dispose of your waste properly or take it with you.   As you plan your beach escapade in Looe, remember that each sandy stretch has its unique charm. Whether it's the bustling vibe of East Looe Beach or the tranquil aura of Plaidy Beach, Looe's shores promise a blend of relaxation, recreation, and awe-inspiring views.  

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