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Best Beaches Near Looe Cornwall

Looe is beautifully situated on both sides of the river that is also called Looe. This holiday resort and destination have been catering to locals and visitors for the last 200 years.

Heavily reliant on tourism, the town offers lots of fish and boating activities at the harbor. Given the number of diverse restaurants, pubs, and shopping destinations, this bustling little town in Cornwall has become a much sought-after holiday destination. What’s best is the place has some of the best beaches to lounge at.

Any hotel in Looe, including The Old Bridge House Hotel, is bound to market the beach’s easy access to its guests. In summers, Looe is unquestionably the place to be.

Here are some of the most pristine beaches in Looe where you can have some fun under the sun.


The Looe Beach

Also called the East Looe Beach, this sandy beach is right in front of the old township. It is shielded from the west by the Banjo Pier and overlooked at the east by part of Mount Ararat’s hillsides.

East Looe Beach is an excellent family beach that offers something to do for everyone. Since it is almost at the heart of the town, Looe Beach also has easy access to cafes, restaurants, and restrooms.

Although, since it is so accessible, expect everyone locals and guests of nearby hotels to flock to the beach. During summer, Looe Beach is a busy hangout for everyone, so if you don’t like crowds, you might not enjoy coming to this popular spot.

The Plaidy Beach

Located around the corner from Looe, this small sand and gravel beach is also next to another beach, the Millendreath.

The Plaidy Beach has an attractive appeal as it involves a little hike over the hill from Looe before you reach the waters.

The lack of commercial development has allowed this beach to retain its serenity. If you want some downtime or a few hours of quiet and you’d rather be somewhere other than your hotel room, then this is the perfect beach for you.

During lower tides, you can see even a swarm of rock pools. A slight snag here is the lack of lifeguard services, but the water is generally safe for snorkeling and swimming.

Regardless, this is the beach to watch the perfect sunset.

Plaidy Beachs

Hannafore Beach

Tucked away a little on the outskirts of Looe is Hannafore Beach. This southeast-facing beach is also relatively quiet and invites a lesser crowd.

This is primarily a shingle beach with plenty of coarse sand, boasting extensive rock pools and reeds during the low tide.

But don’t let its neighboring golden sand beaches cloud this beach’s charm. People often take a few minutes to travel to this hideaway by crossing a river because of its impressive rock pools that you can see twice a day.

Hannafore beach is also one of the very few dog-friendly beaches. If you can have a fun day with your canine best buddy, then it is well worth traveling for.

HannaFord Beach


Looe Cornwall offers plenty of options for some of the most appealing beaches to visit. If you are a bit pressed for time, then opt for the beach closest to your hotel in Looe. Otherwise, go farther and enjoy more alternatives. Whatever you decide, the beaches here do not disappoint!

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