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Our Environmental Statement

Our policies are as follows:


  • We purchase items without packaging wherever possible.
  • Where practical shopping is purchased on foot or where a local business has a delivery service have it delivered as part of a delivery round.
  • We have double glazed windows, insulated walls and loft insulation.
  • All radiators have thermostatic valves fitted.
  • All bedrooms have showers.
  • We are fitting low energy bulbs where practical.
  • We use rain water where possible to water plants.
  • We purchase 'A' rated electrical appliances.
  • We turn off electrical items rather than leave on stand-by wherever practical.


  • We re-use carrier bags for shopping.
  • Egg cartons are returned to the free range egg supplier


  • We use the door collection recycle service for all that can be recycled i.e. plastics, cans, glass, paper, cards, magazines and cardboards.
  • We use the village Salvation Army recycling point for clothing and fabric items.


  • Items that cannot be re-used or recycled by us are either collected by the local council waste collection or taken to the waste disposal depot and placed in the appropriate area for reclamation or safe disposal


  • Our aim is to source locally.
  • All breakfast produce is purchased locally where ever possible.