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8 Interesting Facts About Cornwall

There are so many fascinating facts you may not know about Cornwall, some of which you're about to see here.

1. Kernewek is the native language of Cornwall

Kernewek was a Celtic language that was extensively used in Cornwall in the 1970s.

2. Basking Sharks exist in Cornwall

The basking shark, which can grow to be as long as a double-decker bus and weigh up to seven tonnes and live for 50 years, is the world's second-largest fish.

3. There are over 385 types of plants in Cornwall

Cornwall is located on the south coast of the British Isles and, as a result of the mild climate, is home to a diverse range of plants.

4. Cornwall’s coastline is 433 miles long, with 300 beaches!

Cornwall is one of the UK's longest coastlines, stretching for 433 miles and boasting over 300 beaches. It's a beach bum's dream come true, with beautiful beaches.

5. Cornish pasties are a clever invention

One of our favourite Cornish facts is about the Cornish pasties! It's tasty and unique.

6. Cornwall has its own flag

The flag of Cornwall is Saint Piran's Flag, which is worn by many Cornish people as a symbol of their identity. Some suggest that the design of the flag dates back to 1188.

7. Cornish wrestling is a thing!

Wrestlers wear thick jackets to grasp their opponents and make them land as flat on their backs as possible.

8. Penryn is home to a headless horse.

Penryn should be on your list of places to visit in Cornwall if you're interested in the supernatural.

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