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Top tourist attractions in Looe Cornwall

There are a few people who came to Looe for a visit and never left. The beauties in Cornwall will make you smile and help you create amazing memories. Here are some of the most popular tourist sites in the area.     

1. Kilminorth Woods

    This area is located at Ridgeway, Looe, PL13 2NE England. It's a vast stretch of old woods with well-developed routes along the river and up to the top of the hill on which the woods are situated.  There are little streams and several routes to explore, which lead back to a nice walk along the river's bank. Here, you may appreciate nature at its most beautiful.    

2. Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol

    This Ancient Museum, which was built in the 15th century, includes a comprehensive presentation of Looe's history, including governance, boat manufacturing, and smuggling.  This museum is jam-packed with relics related to Looe's characters, heroes, and villains.  Please don't miss out on this charming tiny museum; you never know what you'll discover.    

3. Superstar Speedboat Trips

    It comprises Outdoor Activities, Boat Tours & Water Sports, Tours, and lots more. It is a highly recommended trip on a great speed boat and reliable skipper. Easy to book, done via text and price is very reasonable at £10 per person. The experience is something you'll want to have again.    

4. Old Sardine Factory Heritage Centre

    The Heritage Centre has a variety of fun, safe family activity courses to select from, as well as exclusive "bubble" reservations for families and groups. You'll learn how to start a fire on the riverbank and toast marshmallows, as well as play games in the water on your board at the sardine factory, which is a lot of fun.    

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