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A Glimpse into The Old Bridge House: Looe’s Historic B&B Gem

Perched on the edge of Looe's serene river, The Old Bridge House stands as a testament to Cornwall's rich architectural and cultural history. This B&B, with its charming facade and storied past, offers more than just a place to sleep; it's a journey through time, wrapped in the comforts of modern-day luxury.  

A Rich Tapestry of History

The Old Bridge House, as its name suggests, is closely intertwined with Looe's iconic old bridge. With foundations dating back centuries, the building has witnessed the ebb and flow of Looe's history. From the bustling days of the fishing industry to the rise of tourism, the walls of this B&B have many tales to tell.  

Architecture with a Story

The exterior of The Old Bridge House boasts of classic Cornish design. Its stone walls, punctuated by quaint windows, offer glimpses of the river and town beyond. Inside, the decor marries traditional aesthetics with contemporary comforts. Original wooden beams, antique furnishings, and cosy fireplaces coexist with modern amenities, ensuring guests experience the best of both worlds.  

Rooms with a View

Each room at The Old Bridge House is a sanctuary of comfort. Beyond the plush bedding and modern facilities, what truly stands out are the views. Overlooking the tranquil river, the harbour's hustle and bustle, or the town's charming streets, every window paints a picturesque scene of Looe.  

The Heart of Looe

Located just a stone's throw away from the town's main attractions, The Old Bridge House is the perfect base for explorations. Whether you're setting out to discover Looe's historic landmarks, indulge in Cornish treats, or embark on coastal adventures, everything is within easy reach.  

Personal Touches

What sets The Old Bridge House apart is its commitment to genuine Cornish hospitality. The friendly staff, well-versed in Looe's history and secrets, are always eager to share stories, recommend hidden gems, or simply offer a warm smile. It's these personal touches, combined with the B&B's historic charm, that make every stay memorable.   As the sun sets over Looe, casting a golden hue over the town and river, The Old Bridge House stands tall and proud, a beacon of history and hospitality. For those seeking a unique blend of past and present, of stories and comforts, this B&B is truly Looe's historic gem. And as you drift off to sleep, lulled by the gentle sounds of the river, you'll know you've found a special place in the heart of Cornwall.  

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