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Looe Island

Ghost Stories

Cornwall abounds with ghost stories so it is not surprising to learn that St. Georgie's has its own legends. Due to the island's obvious connections with piracy and smuggling many people believe that the sightings and stories of past are more than simply myths; but may in fact be hoax's and clever ruse's put together to discourage people from visiting the island and uncovering its secrets.

One ghost legend is that of a black man, seen wondering the island with bloody covering his face. The sighting has been reported many times by different observers. Its it thought that he may have been a smuggler who was attacked and killed in a fight, possibly over withholding contraband or an argument over pay.

Another eerie ghost story is told by an old dressmaker who visited the island in 1850 and stayed overnight while working. The story was told in full by local author Elizabeth Shapcott in 1928.

The story tells that a local dressmaker was called to the island to work and stay overnight with the couple who were currently living there. The husband was called to the mainland for business and was unable to return until the next morning, when he did he was met by the dressmaker who was desperately trying to escape the island.

Blue Ghost

According to the old lady, the evening before she had been sitting upon the top id the island sewing when she had an awful feeling she was being watched, that someone was standing directly behind her,she had heard noises, felt hair raising prickles on the back of her neck and became awfully paranoid about her surroundings, so she returned to the house and brought the young couples infant back to the top of the hill with her for company. The rest of the day moved on without incident, happy with her work she retired to the house for the night, on her walk down she felt the same uneasy feeling that someone was watching her from the top of the hill and she hurried indoors.

About 9pm that night they retired, both sleeping in the same bed and the children in a cot in the same room. After sleeping soundly for some hours she was awakened suddenly - she heard no noise, but sleep entirely left her. The room had one door, beside the bed, nor was there any cupboard or recess, just plain walls, yet she stared around the room feeling something was out of place.

Gradually, opposite the bed a bluish light appeared and a figure of a man emerged out of the wall, a very tall, aristocratic looking man with gray hair and very beautiful hands with long fingers (she remembered and noted this detail in particular). He slowly crossed the room, the bluish light surrounding him like a haze, and in the next few steps he disappeared through the opposite wall. She was almost paralyzed with fright and lay awake until the dawn broke. At dawn she got dressed and after finding everything apparently in order left in a hurry.

Stories previous to the old dressmakers and many following it have told of seeing a bluish light flickering in intervals on the island, although no other account of seeing the ghost has been recorded.

Some years after the event a skeleton was dug up quite close to the seat on top of the hill, it was found to be that of a tall man with very long fingers. No record has been found to explain who the remains once were or why the body was laid to rest here.