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Experience Authentic Cornish Festivals: Looe’s Annual Celebrations Unveiled

Cornwall, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, stands out for its traditional festivals. Looe, a picturesque town nestled along the coastline, is no exception. Every year, Looe springs to life with a series of authentic Cornish festivals celebrating its heritage, music, food, and more. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, these events are set to immerse you in the true spirit of Cornwall.  

1. Looe Music Festival

Typically held in September, the Looe Music Festival transforms the town's beach into a vibrant stage, presenting both international artists and local talents. The genres span from folk and jazz to rock and blues, ensuring there's something for every music enthusiast. What's more? The stunning sea backdrop makes the experience even more unforgettable.  

2. Looe Carnival Week

Taking place usually in July, the Looe Carnival is a testament to the town's community spirit. The week-long celebration features colourful parades, fancy dress competitions, and traditional Cornish dances. The highlight? A spectacular fireworks display over the harbour, painting the night sky with myriad colours.  

3. Looe Raft Race

Experience the fun and mayhem of the annual Looe Raft Race in June. Witness as teams on homemade rafts battle it out on the river, all for a charitable cause. This wet and wild event is a hit among families and groups of friends alike.  

4. Cornish Food and Drink Festival

Looe's culinary heritage shines brightly during this festival in May. Dive into traditional dishes like Cornish pasties, fresh seafood platters, and the iconic cream tea. With local vendors setting up stalls, it's a culinary journey through Cornwall that's hard to resist.  

5. Polperro Festival

A short drive from Looe brings you to the village of Polperro, which hosts its festival in June. With art exhibitions, live music, and a unique 'Fishermen's Choir', it's a charming addition to your Cornish itinerary.  


Experiencing Looe's annual festivals provides a deep dive into Cornish culture, allowing visitors to create memories that last a lifetime. And while Looe's festivals are a major draw, remember that it's the warmth of the local community, and the comfortable stay options like The Old Bridge House, that make the experience truly special. Mark your calendars, and prepare to be enchanted by Looe's vibrant celebrations!

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